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Maria and Milkiadi find their Why

Maria and Milkiadi and their four children are learning more about farming — and themselves — every day. And it shows.

When they joined Food For His Children in 2013, they were using outdated equipment and practices. But, with agricultural training through FFHC, they’ve learned how to implement new tools.

On their half-acre farm, they were collecting 2-3 bags of maize. Now, they harvest 8-10 bags of crops! Because of their bump in crops, Maria and Milkiadi were able to purchase supplies for a wooden cart they use to collect water every day.

They’re learning to dream, too. Maria hopes to open a shop. The couple wants to build a brick home for their family. And, they want to educate their children. They plan to sell the family’s buck to pay for school fees and uniforms.

But maybe best of all, their entire family — including Maria and Milkiadi is growing healthier every day. They are stronger because of the goat milk they drink each day. And they can finally afford medical care — a huge blessing.

Each and every family involved in FFHC must find their own “why.” Their own reasons for getting up early to complete their chores, build a shed and harvest crops. For this family, it’s clear. Their “why” is seeing their family thrive.

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