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Got goat? Got insurance.

Farm animals are a vital resource to millions of people in the developing world — especially those who are materially-poor. Livestock not only provides impoverished people with food, income and fertilizer, but offers a pathway out of poverty.

For Food For His Children, that pathway comes in the form of a goat. A simple goat can transform a meager farm into a growing enterprise, allowing poor households to join the market economy.

Our families take goat milk to market and use that income to pay for medications and medical bills, education and tuition, and home building supplies. For many, FFHC is a stepping-off point — and just the beginning of their success. They go on to be successful entrepreneurs, parents and village leaders.

When we say ‘Got Goat?’ we’re also saying, in a way, ‘Got insurance.’ Goat farming ensures that households have a way out of poverty and a path to sustainable living.

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