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3 reasons to donate to FFHC

God is bringing together people like you to help others through Food For His Children. We so appreciate each and every donation — as it helps sustain this mission. Your gift can help FFHC shine God’s love into every corner of Tanzania and beyond!

Even small donations have a huge impact. You have the power to change a life! When you give to FFHC, you know your donation is impacting families, mothers and children directly. A one-time gift of $50 provides the vaccinations and training for a family receiving their very first goat. YOU could change their lives forever. Because for many, a goat is more than just a farm animal. It provides impoverished people with food, income and fertilizer — and a pathway out of poverty.

Set an example for those around you!

Charitable giving is a great way to set an example for your kids, co-workers, family and friends. Encourage those in your circle to follow your example. Be a motivator through your acts of kindness.

Join together to create good

We know negativity is prevalent in our world. But, there is also hope. By partnering with FFHC, you can be an agent of change. For many of our families, FFHC is a stepping-off point — and just the beginning of their success. They go on to be successful entrepreneurs, parents and village leaders.

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