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On Tanzania: FFHC staff is rocking it

One reason Food For His Children is so successful is because of our Tanzanian staff. By meeting with potential families and having an ongoing dialogue with current families, they propel FFHC forward. Without their help, support and knowledge, FFHC wouldn’t be able to help transform dozens of families, and ultimately, change lives. Honorina

With a certificate in community development and bachelor’s degree in community development management, Honorina oversees the Tanzanian staff, networks with village leaders and communicates with recipient families. Noel

An attorney, Noel is strategic-minded with an eye for organization. He assists in the office as well as provides legal advice for Food For His Children. Noel is also gifted in community engagement and youth empowerment. Samson Samson screens potential farming families, oversees site visits and group meetings, and helps with goat vaccinations. He also supervises the para-vets who are trained in veterinary skills.

Pastor Tumbay

Pastor Tumbay meets with farming families, shares scripture and helps navigate through challenges. He also performs Baptisms and shares Communion.

Dr. Margaret Thompson

Through Christian Veterinary Fellowship, Dr. Margaret Thompson walks alongside recipient families, teaching them how to care for goats. She passes on her veterinary knowledge to para-vets and connects with local Tanzanians through Bible study and discipleship.

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