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Meerrrrry Christmas from almost 700 goats and over 200 Food for His Children families!

'Jambo! My name is Zawadi, that means 'gift' in Tanzania. I'm a 7 year old dairy goat. I came to live with my family - the Matumaini's - when I was just a little kid, only 6 months old. I grew up, had more baby goats, and since I'm a dairy goat, I make lots of milk.

My word, the changes that have taken place in the family since I first came. The children don't get sick like they used to because they drink my milk. You should see the children’s big smiles now that the family has enough money from selling my babies to send them to school. The Matumaini family also grows more food with the 'fertilizer' I make.

I have had many baby goats now and I have lots of grandbaby goats, just the other day, I heard Mr. & Mrs. Matumaini saying that with the money they have made from selling goats, sometime soon they are hoping (that's what Matumaini means you know! 'Hope') to start building a brick house!!!! It's all VERY exciting. This all started with just ONE goat! Thank you for supporting my family and the difference you make, it is life changing!!' We love you! There are thousands of great charities to choose from. But you chose to invest in children who are sent home from school if their parents can't provide required supplies and parents who want to make a better life for their family and generations to come including medical care, nutritious meals, a strong home, saving for future needs and knowing who God created them to be. You are investing in community transformation.

We are eternally grateful. God bless you for your gifts in 2017! Just as you have blessed our FFHC families with faith, hope and love this year, I pray the same for your family as you celebrate Christmas together and in the years to come. From all of us at Food for His Children, have a Merry Christmas and joy filled New year!

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