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Adventures of Zawadi #2

Jambo Everybody!

Zawadi here again. It turns out lots of people liked my first letter so Mamma Mbuzi* ('mbuzi' is Swahili for 'goat', just so ya know) asked me if I would like to write another one, so here I am. Being a middle aged goat, I've seen quite a lot and have a few tales I can tell.

Let me tell you about the time that our FFHC veterinarian (otherwise known as the Mbuzi Doctor), was on an overseas holiday. Everything was going just fine as we had our second in charge (2IC) mbuzi doctor still here. You wouldn't believe it, but not long after the holiday started, the 2IC had a motorbike accident and broke his leg in three places!!** (Since humans only have two legs, this is a VERY big problem!)

Thank God Mamma Mbuzi had a friend visiting who happened to be an mbuzi farmer, with some mbuzi doctor skills, I think they called her Dr. B. It was during this time there was a nasty virus going around. I got so so sick. I hurt all over my body and my throat hurt so much I couldn't eat and drink by myself. My family, the Matumaini's were VERY worried. Dr. B gave me some much needed medicine and between her and my family working very hard, I have now returned to full health!

Because the project has lots of goats, Dr. B couldn't be here every day, so she showed my family a neat trick with a 500ml water bottle to help get fluid and nutrition in to me. It's great, coz now if it happens again, they know what to do.

Then there was the time Furaha got the bad stomach ache. Like every mother, I try to train my kids well, but sometimes kids will just be kids no matter how hard you try. I've always told them, only eat what the Matumani's give us, only eat the green foods, 'yes Mum' they know how it goes. Anyhow, a piece of plastic blew in to our yard one day and before I could get a word out, my little Furaha had swallowed it whole, and boy did she feel sick. Then there was when my son, Nguvu busted his horn, my word! You know how heads bleed! All I can say is praise God for the Mbuzi Doctor, and praise God for you, because without YOU, we wouldn't be here to help our families, and we wouldn't have an mbuzi doctor when we needed one!

*Mamma Mbuzi is the name we give to the Food For His Children founder, pretty cool name, eh?!

**You'll be pleased to know Dr. 2IC is recovering well.

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