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Adventures of Zawadi #4


Or maybe I could say Maaaaambo! Hehe, naturally I'm a goat with a bleating good sense of humour.

Zawadi here again folks. If there's one thing Tanzanians know how to do, it is celebrate. My daughter Furaha were sat down having a laaaaugh about this just this morning. All my kids have Swahili names, just like me so if you want to know what they mean, I encourage you to look them up.

Anyone who knows me, knows that as well as having a tail, I love to tell a good tale, and occasionally, ok, probably often, I digress. Back to the celebrations.

So, last year, Mama Mbuzi came out for a visit along with a few friends of hers. One of the things the Matumanis and other recipients in the project love to do when Mama Mbuzi is here is to have a celebration!

There's food and singing and dancing involved. The families compete against each other for who has the best goat shed and who is the best farmer, then the communities compete too!

One of the most hilarious things they do, the thing me and Furaha were chuckling about, was a goat call contest. Naturally the humans aren't quite as good as us, but I was pretty impressed with some of their efforts.

Anyways, I just wanted to once again say thank you, thank you for the difference you make to my family, butt (get it, butt, like head butt?), thank you also because you not only make a difference to my family, you make a difference to the whole community!

Maaay our Lord and Saviour bless you as much as you have blessed us.


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