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Meeeeery Christmas from Food for His Children and Zawadi the goat!

From all of us at Food for His Children, May your Christmas be filled with blessings from above. Here's a special message from one of our project sites to thank you for giving them Christmas dinner and school supplies for over 900 school age children, and below is a message from Zawadi about Christmas. You are our best gift ever!

Maaaambo! Heri ya Krismasi! Zawadi here again folks. In our native tongue, well, OK, not my native tongue, my native tongue is Bleat, but the Matumani's native tongue, Swahili, 'Heri ya Krismasi' means Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of year to reflect on the goodness of God in our lives. While we are thankful for the gifts we receive from you, ultimately, the gift from God Himself in Jesus Christ is our most treasured gift, and one that my family actually learned about through FFHC.

If you are ever in Tanzania on Christmas day, you will notice one of our local Christmas traditions. Most children you see will be wearing a brand new outfit, one they received on that day. Of course, the Matumani children learned not to stand too close to my kids when wearing their new outfits! Furaha and Nguvu, are like human toddlers, they put ANYTHING in their mouths...let's just say Mama Matumani wasn't very impressed about the chew holes in the new outfits!

I digest...I mean digress, what I am trying to say is that this tradition is a great reminder to us about what our Heavenly Father does for us. When we come to Him as children, He cleans us up and gives us a brand new set of clothes, clothing us in the righteousness of Christ.

Of course, things like being able to buy a new outfit is something my family has only been able to do since becoming part of the project. That along with the other things the Matumani family are so thankful for!

Baba Matumani (Baba means Father) is so thankful that he and Mama Matumani, with working together, are now able to better provide for their family and achieve goals they had only once dreamed of, they even have savings!!! They are thankful for me, naturally, their very first goat, and all the support and training that went along with that. For the subsequent growing of the herd which leads to milk (great for my family's nutrition) and manure (great for crops). With the support of the FFHC social workers and ease of financial pressure, there is much more peace and unity not only in their family, but it is overflowing in to the community, how wonderful is that?!!!

So from us to you! Asante sana, thank you so very much! Mungu akabariki, may God bless you! (I would teach you Bleat, but it requires much more skill with intonation, so we'll stick with Swahili for now).

Good bye for now, I will Bleat you again in the New Year!

Nawependa! (I love you all)


If you'd like to keep passing the blessings forward, check out our shopping page where you can see what your donations do! Or keep it simple and text GIVEGOAT to 44-321!

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