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Development is a process, not an overnight dream

It was 2013 after completion of my bachelor degree of Sociology at St Augustine university of Tanzania I got an opportunity to work together with FFHC Tanzania and U.S team to collect family information to new applicant and current recipient’s details as an enumerator. As the young motivated boy freshman from college with no any experience, it was wonderful opportunity and experience that stimulated my passion of working with the community. On the same year before Food for His Children U. S team go back to U.S.A, the program gave out job opportunity for the position of Project assistance manager. I applied for the posted position and went for an interview days’ later, Noel Siay was employed as the assistant project manager after his stunning performance during the interview, but there was the inner voice that was keep telling me that “hey Sam you have a key contribution to make to this mission, therefore you have to find the way to make it” From that voice! I decided to volunteer with the project to share the best of me and talent that God has granted me. During my volunteer time with Food for His Children was so amazing and fun because I was get time to meet with families to share ideas together.

Later in, 2015 Noel Siay decided to go for a class for school of law and I was officially employed the same year. It was another experience for me because was the only one full time employee after Noel Siay took his leave and Honorina was in college too. Though it was the first time for me to supervise the office but wasn’t a big challenge for me because of the good cooperation that has been given by U.S team and T.Z team.

I choose to give myself to serve with this Mission because of many things. First is the bible verse that I find it written to Food for his children T-shirt’s. The scripture is from 1 John 3:18 which is state that ‘’My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but indeed and in truth. It is the very meaningful passage because telling someone you love him or her without action is nothing, I was inspired by this mission because of fulfilling of the main commandment through action. Second is passionate committed with community, Food for His Children staff are much committed to serve this community and that was stated from the founder of the Organization which draw much commitment from other staff. Therefore, it is privilege to join to this mission to make a difference in people’s lives and lives to become more meaningful.

Food for His Children’s mission and vision is awesome because it shows that development is the process, not an overnight dream, the process that has to start from one individual to the family then to the community to become what God created them to be and to teach others to do the same, by living the lives of the Christ. We believe our community is not poor materially but it is knowledge gap, after identifying that we provide different trainings because knowledge is the power. Simply what I’m so exiting about mission and vision of the project is how knowledge can be transformed from one individual to the whole community.

What I love about my job is meeting with families and sharing the life experiences because I believe we can use our story to plant seeds of hope in others people’s lives.

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