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Being a Leader is a Calling

‘’Being a leader is the call from God, you hear the voice and you take it very sensitively, work on behalf of the people who cannot say, who cannot decide, people who are weak and through this we bring the sense of humanity and equality among our societies,’’ Josephat Shauri, Food for His Children program participant and leader.

FFHC is a place where people can grow up with their careers, linking them with opportunities to make sure at least individuals become aware of their talents and attributes.

Kilimmaoja is one of 10 Food for His Children project sites. The leaders in this site decided are working to achieve FFHC 's vision in uplifting and empowering rural families. Leaders assure the project’s sustainability by monitoring and making sure things are going well.

Josephat Shauri, 46 years old, decided to do charity work in supporting of FFHC’s vision by taking the role of project site secretary. Josephat donates his time coordinating, supervising and facilitating all activities in his site including calling recipients for meetings, vet clinics and visiting them to see their progress, challenges and struggles, working together to find the solutions.

‘’I’m not paid by the project and I don’t see the gap, its ok, all is well!” Josephat said with a deep smile. “No one takes me to this position, they voted for me as their representative. But is the only God who called me and said I have to work on behalf of my villagers under FFHC project. As a secretary I am always proud when I see the life of my people become easier through their goat project. We sell goats and get money for our basic needs. We receive training in different aspects of our lives, sure! We see the presence of God in this project, our wish is to see many people get the chance to join the group. We have many dreams individually and as a group and we believe we can achieve them through FFHC's support’’ JOSEPHAT SHAURI

FFHC is not just a project but the destination. We impact not only the current generation but the future, encourage and inspiring people to become all God created them to be and work on behalf of others to show the love and care to neediest group of people. We are feeling grateful to have a person like Josephat, we invite other peoples from around to join us and make the impossible to be possible and bring the light to people’s lives.

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