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The Almighty Dollar vs the Almighty's Dollar

Whose dollar is it?

In September, I spent 4 days at Princeton Seminary to learn about generosity as a gift and a way of worshiping God. Interesting that the setting for the class about generosity was at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I was in awe of it's majesty. Imagine the generosity required to build this incredible institution.

I left the class with a passion for growing my own gift of generosity and helping others to learn more about it as well. Here are some of the comments that struck me most and I hope will get you thinking about how generosity was/is talked about in your family as well.

* The Almighty's Dollar

* How much would you need to give to even know that you have a God?

* How was giving spoken about in your family?

* What breaks your heart or makes you pound your fist on the table? How can you give to something that addresses that?

* What is your first memory of giving?

* And one from a recent devotion I read about giving ridiculously. What would it look like for you?

I'm excited to learn from people why, out of all the charities in the world, they choose to give to Food for His Children and how we can best use those funds to match their passions.

I challenge you this month to give ridiculously to something you are deeply passionate about!

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