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I hate poverty!

‘I hate poverty! A lot of people suffer from it. Working with Food for His Children recipients gives me opportunity to help them eradicate poverty and improve their living standard. I want them to change their perspective on this life, nothing is too hard, it is just how you see it and your efforts to move from one stage to another.’ Theresia Thomas

Theresia Thomas, 21, is majoring in Development Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. She is the youngest of 4 children in her family and lives with her mother and two younger brothers. Despite difficult circumstances when her parents separated when she was a child, Theresia never gave up on her studies. It’s why she always encourages people that nothing is permanent in life, she knows about struggle firsthand and knows it can be overcome. Theresia still hopes to see her parents are back together again.

She loves encouraging people in difficulties so that they don’t lose hope. Working with Food for His Children helps her meet her dreams of educating people and changing their lives. Theresia believes that one day there will be no poverty, diseases or lack of education in the community if only the community members leave room for changes. She believes lack of knowledge and hard work lead to increased poverty and poor living standards for families and communities.

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