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How beneficial is goat’s milk?

Answer: extremely beneficial, which is why approximately 65 percent of the world’s population drinks goat’s milk. Goats milk is a superior form of nutrition -- an excellent source of carbohydrates (energy), protein, fats and many vitamins and minerals essential for wellness.

Protein. Goat milk is rich in protein. It contains more protein when compared to other animal milk. Furthermore, the specific protein peptides in goat milk are linked to better digestibility and anti-inflammatory activity. The unique peptide profile of goat’s milk is the closest milk to human milk. The extra protein in goats milk is especially important for people who live in more strenuous environments, those with less access to animal foods and those with increased protein needs, such as those who are HIV+/AIDs.

Fat. Like most milk, goats milk contains a fair amount of fat. However, the fat in goat milk is much more suitable for the human gut. Goat milk contains a unique fatty acid profile—30-35% short- and medium-chain fatty acids -- are associated with several health benefits such as exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties, immune stimulation, growth promotion and disease prevention.

Carbohydrate. Although the carbohydrate in goats milk is lactose, it has a lower lactose content compared to other animal milks which allows the milk to be more easily digested especially in those who are lactose intolerant.

Vitamins and Minerals. Goat milk is also rich in many essential vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and C and and minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and selenium. Research demonstrates many of these vitamins and minerals have increased bioavailability compared to other animal milk.


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