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Investing in Goats

Did you ever consider using goats to pay for your child's education or to start your business? What about for home renovations? Check out how Food for His Children families in rural Tanzania are using dairy goats to bless their families and transform generations.

Food for His Children equips and empowers people living in extreme poverty in Karatu District, Tanzania so that they can provide food, education, medical care and other basic needs for their families and so that they can achieve their dreams, becoming all they were created to be. We do this through a micro-loan of a dairy goat, training and one on one support and coaching (case management) from social workers.

Food for His Children's target population earns less than $1 per day. People with such a small income do not have the capital to use a bank because all their money would go towards bank fees. It's difficult to save money because they are living day to day and there is always an extended family member in need or even a neighbor who has a need. Food for His Children encourages joining savings groups in all 13 of it's sites. These can be very useful to help save towards a long term goal, but there are high interest rates set by the group members.

Enter dairy goats. Goats are like a savings account. Families who manage their herd well, can sell their goats for education needs, medical needs, to start or grow businesses, to build or renovate a house and some have even sold goats to help pay for funeral expenses. It's not just comforting, but empowering to know that when you have a need, you have a means to provide for it. Food for His Children is eradicating extreme poverty in Tanzania, one family, one dairy goat at a time.

The chart above shows how Food for His Children families have used money from selling goats so far in 2020. If you love investing in things that grow (literally), Food for His Children would love to partner with you! Your donation will change the trajectory of a child's life. Learn more at

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