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Magdalena's Struggle

Food for His Children envisions a world free from extreme poverty. Serving families living in remote villages in Tanzania, Africa is a challenge in many ways. For many, poverty is a way of life, a generational tradition. Some settle in and are comfortable with it. Others are fighting their way out. Magdalena is a fighter.

When Magdalena decided to join Food for His Children, she got serious. She attended the first training and learned basic goat husbandry skills and how to build a shelter for the dairy goat she hoped to receive from Food for His Children. She collected all the materials she would need and started building.

And then she got sick. It started with a cough and moved into her chest. It's cold season in Tanzania, so she assumes it's just the colder weather (70 F). With grandchildren depending on her for support, she needs to keep moving, despite her age. But the cough, chest pain and fatigue have gotten the best of her. She's had to stop building the shelter for her goat. Magdalena knows all eyes are on her at her home, so she is anxious to get back to her normal self.

Her Field Officer, Fadhil, will continue checking in with her, to see how her health is and see how she is doing with progress on her shed. Fadhil prayed with her before the end of their visit and Magdalena asked if others can pray for her as well. She has many goals she hopes to achieve through being a dairy goat farmer.

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