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Unleashing Potential in Tanzania

Food for His Children is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides holistic community development services to rural Tanzanian families who are living in extreme poverty. Food for His Children Farm and Innovation Center in Tanzania's mission is to unleash potential in rural Tanzanian so families and communities can thrive. We believe sustainable development is crucial to poverty alleviation and that people prosper when they are not dependent on others. We believe in teaching people to solve their own problems instead of solving them for them and walking alongside people, doing this with them instead of for them. We believe poverty is rooted in one of 3 broken relationships: between God, self, others or creation. When these relationships are restored, individuals and communities thrive. We believe families and communities thrive when members know their gifts and talents and use them for the good of the community. Our vision is to provide sustainable community development to transforms generations in Tanzania.

Food for His Children’s values illuminate our desire to do everything we can to help communities become all they were created to be. Using a holistic approach, we provide training and support to families living in extreme poverty. Teaching them about sustainable practices, innovation, the importance of restoring relationships. The result is not just a transformed person, but a transformed community.

The Food for His Children Farm and Innovation Center will equip Tanzanian communities to overcome issues that cause extreme poverty. It’s a unique combination of farming, innovation and tourism, providing sustainable income for the community development work that unleashes the potential of thousands of Tanzanians living in extreme poverty.

The Farm and Innovation Center will address poverty conditions in rural Tanzania and offer hands on learning for FFHC families, the primary school next to the farm, the surrounding community and to tourists that visit the farm. It is designed to be a tourist attraction as the main income source, so in addition to the imparting Biblical truths and values to the families we serve in Tanzania, we also have an opportunity to reach people who may never enter a church, but happen to be on vacation in Tanzania and just wanted to see goats, but instead they have a powerful encounter with Jesus as they enter our sacred space and participate in activities that relate to faith. The Farm and Innovation Center will also meet the spiritual needs of the community. We will host small groups, Bible studies, Christian seminars and events.

The Farm and Innovation Center will benefit thousands living in extreme poverty conditions in Tanzania, tourists visiting the Farm and Innovation Center, and over 700 students in the neighboring school. The Farm will also be the site for Youth Program participants to visit to see what they have been taught in action. Anyone visiting the Farm will see innovative ways of farming that require little water and produce better crops, collecting rain water and irrigating, and ways to raise dairy goats using zero grazing techniques; how to use manure for biofuel; how to make various products with goat milk; and the 15 points of a healthy home. The Farm and Innovation Center will be a real life example of what happens when you restore right relationships with God, self, others and creation as people develop relationships with God, marriages are restored, families are reunited, communities are created with FFHC families and neighbors, people are transformed, and goats and the earth are well cared for. It will be like heaven on Earth.

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