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Partners in Kingdom Work

Food for His Children and Long Lake Lutheran Church in Isanti, MN are partnering to bring hope to communities in rural Tanzania. Long Lake Lutheran Church's Children's Ministry will be sharing about the work of Food for His Children, the families we serve and life in remote villages in Tanzania.

Awaki, 32, and Restuta, 27, have a 7th grade education. They have 4 children: Elizabeth, 10, Hosiana, 9, Kastuli, 6, and Happiness, 4. Elizabeth is in 1st grade and Hosiana and Kastuli are in preschool. They live in the remote village of Mang’ola juu, Tanzania in a home mde of mud and sticks. They earn their living farming and doing labor for others. They earn $350 per year. They received a goat from Food for His Children in June 2020 and they hope income from selling goats and training from Food for His Children will help them to build a brick house and send their children to school. They have 6 of the 15 points of a healthy home including a latrine, a shelter for their goat, clothes line, clean water, trees around the house and a clean yard.

Long Lake Lutheran Church Children’s ministry is hoping to raise $540 to provide one year of FFHC services to Awaki and his family. Contact if you have a ministry or small group that would like to adopt an FFHC family.

The children will get pledges to walk with buckets of water to experience what it might be like to have to carry your daily water to your house instead of simply turning a handle on the faucet.

They will also attempt to raise enough money to provide Nutrition Day for one of FFHC's project sites to teach children about the importance of a balanced diet and vitamins and minerals while giving them a taste of a variety of fruits or vegetables, many they have not tasted before.

If you would like to partner with Food for His Children, contact or call 612-715-0321.

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