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That's a Woman's Job!

Jacob,38, is different from the other men in his rural African village. In most Tanzanian households, women do all the cooking. Many men don't even know how to cook. But Jacob is different. He and his wife both work on coffee plantations and because she works longer hours, he often does the cooking.

When his Food for His Children Field Officer, Fadhil, asked him if he knew how to cook, he replied, "Yes, I do! And I do it very well for my wife and 3 children. I have to assist my wife in taking care of the children. I can’t stay home watching our kids suffer from hunger waiting for their mother to return from work to cook for them while I am there and perfectly capable of doing it. You don't have to be a woman to cook for your family.”

After work, Jacob prepares a meal for his children and wife and he cares for the dairy goat they received from Food for His Children in June. He's no ordinary man, he's an EXTRAordinary father and husband. Watching Jacob and his wife pour out love over their family, working together to provide for them financially, physically and emotionally is a joy to see.

This kind of partnership is a recipe for success. We're excited to see Jacob and his wife achieve their dreams and goals as they work with their Field Officer and grow their dairy goat farm.

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