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Baby Goat Visits the Doctor

By Honorina Honorati

It’s a clinic month for our baby goats

Just the same as human babies are taken to the clinic every month, Food for His Children goats have also a schedule for check ups at the clinic. Guess what Food for His Children doctors do? They take the weight of the goats by using a tape measure before they get dosage just like you when you were 2 years old.

In order for a goat to maintain good health and increase nutrition the goat needs to be provided with deworming every 3 months.

Your gifts to Food for His Children help keep over 1900 goats healthy and safe by providing them with deworming, 4 different vaccinations and a veterinary team.

You can join the effort of our veterinary team in maintaining the health of our goats. For $30 a month you can provide a vaccine and check up at veterinary clinics to keep 1900 goats healthy and increase milk and kid production.

Donate today and your monthly gift will be doubled for an entire year! #BOGOGOATS #endpoverty #dairygoat #babygoats #givegoat #givelove #givehope #vetcare

Honorina Honorati is the Director of Partnerships and Program Development. She was the first Food for His Children employee, hired in 2011. Honorina holds a Bachelor Degree in Management of Community Development Programs from Tengeru Institute of Community Development. Her role includes overseeing the Tanzania Communications and Faith Department, creating partnerships, networking with community and national leaders, program and staff development, communicating with donors. She plays a critical role in enabling the organization to meet its ultimate vision and goals by working alongside employees and recipient families. With 11 years of experience in management of community development programs, her vast knowledge, skills and experience has been key to her success. Honorina is passionate in her work with families, her team and sharing her gifts in transforming the lives of many in the community.


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