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Dreams and Promises

January starts a new school year in Tanzania. Unfortunately, many Food for His Children families can't afford notebooks, pens or pencils for their children. And even more can't afford to pay the $200 fees to go to send their child to 8th.

But thanks to you, Emmanuel's long time dream has come true. This year his daughter, Prisca, completed elementary school, passed her National Exam and is among the few who have been selected to join 8th grade. As a member of Food for His Children's savings group, Emmanuel saved enough money to send his daughter to school. Emanuel is ecstatic and gives all thanks to God for his daughter's progress.

After Prisca received school supplies from Food for His Children last month, she said. “Thank you very much for the school supplies! I promise to study hard to reach my goals and help my family one day. God bless you so much.”

Thank you for giving Prisca the privilege of going to 8th grade. And for providing hope and a future to other young girls whose dreams go beyond 7th grade. May God Bless you for your endless love and may He protect you and your family for a thousand generations.


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