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Ephrasia's Pepper

Ephrasia holding a bottle of pepper ready for market

My name is Ephrasia, mother of 5 children. I live in Basodawish village in rural Karatu area, and am performing minor economic activities which have really helped me to change my life and my family life. As a mother I have to ensure all household tasks have been done well so as to ensure all things go in an order.

Before my husband Mathayo got in a tractor accident, he was my real strength because we were both working and doing daily labor to earn income. Since his accident, his body has become weak. He is not able to do heavy labor until he becomes strong as advised by the doctor. Now I am a mother and the head of the family.

Apart from challenges that are facing me, I am still able to meet all the basic needs for my family doing different economic activities. I am a small entrepreneur, growing pepper seeds at home and selling it to the community. I also grind pepper from my home garden and pack it so it is ready to sell at the market.

Ephrasia and her pepper plants

I am happy for the love, care and support that Food for His Children is providing to me and my family. Through case manager visits, I received counseling and daily prayers which has helped me to recover from stress, life fears, and fever. I am so

happy now with my husband and my children. We're happy forever.


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