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Graduation: the end or just the beginning?

Something to celebrate!

FFHC Field Officer Frank Baran wrote: Every family has something to celebrate-every month and every year. Especially when your family’s dreams come true. Martini and Martina are very happy after finishing their primary education. After completing their National Exam to see if they can go to the government secondary school for free or if their single mom will need to find a way to pay for private school tuition for her twins to go to 8th grade, I asked what how they felt about the exam.

Martini said, “The examination was moderate and I expect a good result. I’m praying to Almighty God for people who are going to mark our exams so they do well in correcting so that every student who deserves to gets a good score, gets the correct score.

I should be able to get good school as the result of 7 years of hard work. It was not simple for my mother to afford all basic needs and school requirement, but Food For His Children, helped with pens, pencils, exercise books and other school needs. That was very helpful for us to accomplish our primary education.

We’re praying for the good end of this year and are hoping in January, we can join secondary school and ensure our studies help us in the future. Thank you so much Food For His Children donors and supporters who have become a vital part to our family’s foundation and providing a better future.”

For many children in rural villages in Tanzania, primary school is the end of their education. If they don't score well enough on National Exams in 7th grade, they cannot go to secondary school for free. Private education is too expensive for most of the families that Food for His Children partners with, leaving children with only a 7th grade education. Food for His Children helps to equip parents to be able to pay for school tuition and encourages children to study hard so that they can continue their education.

When you give to Food for His Children, you provide hope and a future for children growing up in extreme poverty.


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