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I Want to be Teacher!

“Hello! My name is Maria Safari, I am 8 years old. I am the 2nd born in our family. I am in class 2 at Basodawish Primary School. My dream is to be a teacher. My favorite foods are ugali, pilau, rice, beans and milk. My favorite colors are red, orange and pink. My favorite subjects are English, Swahili, Mathematics and Science.”

Maria is a very hard-working girl who loves to study and help her mother with domestic work like washing dishes, sweeping, and collecting firewood. She wishes one day to be a teacher after completing her studies by working hard and praying in order for her dream to come true.

Maria is very thankful to Food for his Children project and the team for their love, care, support and prayers.

Maria is the daughter of Magdalena Safari who started to work with Food for His Children in 2016. Maria knows a lot about the project of Food for His Children which aims to empower rural communities in Tanzania through provision of dairy goats, entrepreneurship skills, health and environmental training, sustainable farming techniques and livestock training.

Thank you for encouraging children to become all God created them to be.


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