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To this Family, it's another Christmas Gift

Happiness, Kastuli and Hosiana

If you're close to Food for His Children, you read about Hosiana last month. Her family is struggling to make ends meet. They joined Food for His Children in 2020 and the kids couldn’t be more excited! This story is from their Field Officer, Fadhil.

‘My joy with this family is the way they love Food for His Children. When they the sound of a motorcycle near their neighbor’s house, they know it means their Food for His Children Field Officer is visiting. I wasn’t planning to visit Awaki’s family that day, but suddenly the kids ran to me and asked me to visit their home. I couldn’t refuse as I love to see them smile. When I reached the home, there was a surprise! They had a baby goat and they were so excited to show me.

Happiness, Kastuli nd Hosiana all wanted me to take a picture of them holding their baby goat. I did not hesitate to fulfill their happiness! These children love goats and during this holiday season when schools are closed they will be playing with their baby goat while waiting for their parents to return from work. Food for His Children created happiness that will never end for these kids.

Before I left, the kids gave thanks to Food for His Children for the Beautiful Gift of a dairy goat that they received and because this year, the kids expect to be able to drink goat milk before school each day.'

'To this family, it is another Christmas gift.’

Thank you for giving hope and love to children in Tanzania. You bring Christmas every day!


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